Cross Platform Scripting Technology Briefing

You will learn:

  • Automating routine tasks with shells & scripts
  • Selecting the right Scripting Language
  • Creating menus & GUIs in minutes
  • Portable scripts (Microsoft/Unix/Mac/Linux/etc.)
  • Increasing your productivity!

Advantages of Scripting over Programming

  • Very little training required - anyone can do it!
  • Readable & often modifiable by non-technical users
  • Intuitive exploratory development style
  • A few lines can leverage existing programs
  • Same script works on Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac, etc.

Some Key Scripting Technologies

  • Command Shells for batch scripts
  • expect for interactive programs
  • Perl does it all, at a cost
  • Tcl to extend, glue & control
  • Tk builds graphical interfaces
  • ed & sed edit files & streams
  • awk selects & data & formats reports
  • emacs, the power users front panel
  • SQL for database select & update
  • plus a hundred honorable-mentions

Common Scripting Applications

  • Run programs non-interactively (batch)
  • Give complex tasks a friendly Interface
  • Extend existing program behavior
  • Write simple new programs
  • Glue programs together, local & remote
  • Serve dynamic content for web-sites
  • Automate System Administration
  • Automate tedious text editing chores
  • Converting data formats
  • Applications are endless!