Course Title

Gnu/Linux in the Office

(1 day or 6 hours)

Learn How To
  • Navigate Gnu/Linux Menus & Options
  • Use Office Productivity Applications
  • Organize & Protect Files & Directories
  • Avoid or Handle Common Pitfalls
Who Should Attend
  • Users of Linux PCs
  • Users of Linux Servers
  • Linux Administrators
Course Content

Course Customization Options

You may order this course customized to your needs, including:
  • Desktop: KDE, Gnome or a mixture
  • Office Suites: OpenOffice, KOffice, Gnome, traditional or eclectic
  • Network options: Local or Server-based accounts

Gnu/Linux Fundamentals

  • Logging into your Account
  • Choosing a desktop interface
  • Using menus & launchers
  • Finding applications by name or function
  • Available online help

Using your Office Suite for

  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations & multimedia
  • Simple web pages
  • Interoperating with Microsoft Office

Files, Directories, Sharing & Security

  • Browse files & directories
  • Organize your files into subdirectories
  • Share with local & remote colleagues
  • Protect your data from loss or theft