Course Title

Linux: From User to Power User

(1 day or 6 hours)

Learn How To
  • Configure Accounts & Programs
  • Apply the Gnu Tool Chest to your problems
  • Automate Tasks with Scripts
Who Should Attend
  • Linux Users who want to increase their productivity with routine tasks, especially management of data.
  • Linux administrators who want to automate system administration procedures & editing of configuration scripts
Course Content

Customizing Your Account

  • Login Scripts & Options
  • Desktop Menu, Hot keys & Configuration
  • Shell Wildcards, Variables, Options & Aliases
  • Controlling default Program behavior

Applying the Gnu Tool Chest

  • Massaging text: tr, pr, cat
  • Data management: sort, cut, join
  • Selection: head, pg, tail, *grep
  • Editor scripting: ed, ex, vi, vim
  • Filtering: sed, awk

Advanced Scripting

  • Command scripting: sh, ksh, bash
  • Control & graphical scripting: Tcl/Tk, expect