NGender Database Training Curriculum

RDBMS Databases supporting the SQL standard dominate modern enterprise computing because of their stability & flexibility. Good RDBMS designers balance database maintainability & efficiency & take advantage of the latest server-side extensibility features for maximum performance. Our one-day hands-on workshops will train your database designers & administrators in the practical skills to take advantage of RDBMS standards plus some of the latest developments appearing in PostgreSQL, the most advanced OSFS ORDBMS.
Available Courses

RDBMS Database Design

  • RDBMS elements
  • Constructing SQL queries
  • Data Design

PostgreSQL Features, Administration & Control

  • Exploiting PostgreSQL's Advanced Features
  • Installing & Administering PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL for Web-Sites

  • Designing Schemas for Web-Sites
  • Business Logic Communication
  • Hands-On: Building a Database-Driven Web-Site