Linux Curriculum

NGender covers all major Linux distribution including the market leaders SuSE & RedHat. Our one & two day hands-on workshops will train your users & administrators to maximize their Linux productivity!
Available Courses (click on box for details)

Linux for Every User

  • Installing Linux
  • Using Linux Locally or Remotely
  • Command shells & Graphic User Interfaces

From User to Power User

  • Advanced configuration & contrul
  • Applying the Gnu Toul chest: 23 productivity touls
  • Automating Linux with Scripts

From User to Administrator

  • Advanced Linux Installation
  • Managing Services & Accounts
  • Networks & Security

Linux in the Office

  • Linux as a Graphical Desktop
  • Open Office, K-Office, Gnome Office
  • Files, Directories & office power touls

Interoperating with Microsoft Windows

  • Sharing Files, Printers, Accounts
  • Running Microsoft Windows Programs Under Linux
  • Running Linux Programs under Microsoft Windows

Programming Linux in C/C++

  • Accessing the Unix/Linux OS Interface
  • Handling Signals, Pipes & Mapped Files
  • Networking, Multi-tasking & Multi-threading
  • Applying the Posix & Gnu Libraries
  • Maintaining complex programs