NGender C, C++ & Java Programming Curriculum

Learn programming skills from the master programmers of NGender Consulting Group.   Our practical hands-on workshops will train you to write & maintain complex software systems using the best modern cross-platform techniques & tools.
Available Courses

Modern C Programming

  • Modern C by Example
  • Applying the Standard C Library
  • Managing Complexity with Modules

Advanced C Programming

  • Pointers to pointers to pointers
  • Dynamic arrays & graph structures
  • Dynamic & data driven programming

Unix/Posix/Linux System's Programming in C/C++

  • Unix/Posix/Linux System Calls
  • Signals, Pipes & Mapped Files
  • Networking, Multi-tasking & Multi-threading
  • Effective use of the Posix & Gnu Libraries
  • Maintaining complex programs
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C++ Workshops

  • C++ Programming with the STL
  • Writing Robust C++ Classes
  • Template Metaprogramming in C++
  • Design Patterns in C++

Java Workshops

  • Modern Java Programming
  • Design Patterns in Java
  • Applying Enterprise Javabeans