NGender Web-Site Curriculum

Serious web-sites consist of several components:
  • a web server
  • a database system
  • a server-side framework supporting business logic
  • a client-side interaction framework
Our one & two day hands-on workshops will train your web designers & administrators in the practical skills to take advantage of the most powerful & productive technologies for building efficient dynamic web-sites.
Available Courses

Apache Installation, Configuration & Maintenance

  • Installing Apache
  • Configuring Apache Modules
  • Building a Web-Site - Hands-On

The PostgreSQL Advanced Object-Relational DBMS

See the NGender Training Database Curriculum

Tcl & the NGender Web Server Framework

  • Tcl - the universal Tool Command Language
  • A Web Server Framework in Tcl
  • Building a Dynamic Web-Site - Hands-On

JavaScript & the NGender Web Client Framework

  • JavaScript: semi-portable web client-side language
  • Framework for JavaScript reliability
  • Hands-On: Client-side web interaction